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Trending project for Kim Hyun Joong’s Birthday ~

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PiroPiro and SiroSiro heaven <3



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Lee Hong Ki and Kim Kyu Jong ~ Proof shot of Close friendship “It’s been a long time!” /25.01.11/

FT Island member Lee Hong Ki recently unveiled a photo of himself and SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong on Twitter.

Lee Hong Ki posted the photo along with caption, “With Kyu Jong Hyung whom i have not met in a long time” displaying their friendship which gained much attention. Both of them were posing for the photo with their face side by side each other & smiling brightly, showing their close friendship.

Nezitens commented “The two look totally lovely”, “Please (continue to) show us your friendship for a long time!”, “Unexpected friendship?! Cute” and so on.


Source: TV Daily
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