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{photos} SS501 Dream Concert 2010

Hello everyone….firstly I would like to say I’m sorry for not posting anything for a couple of days but I was busy participating and enjoying a fan fest dedicated to Asian Culture…So I was out from SS501’s world for some time….

I was expecting a stunning and incredible performance of ss501 on Dream Concert 2010…and when I saw it finally today…I may say the expectations were proven…I was absolutely excited and filled with enormous joy and happy emotions…My boys are coming back to the place they belong to – the stage…The atmosphere was incredible…I’m so proud of them…With incredible manly looks and stunning voices…I was speechless…

Now to comment about the song… “Let Me Be The One” touched me so much that I couldn’t hold myself and shred some tears of happiness…I can’t describe the emotional state of my mind the moment I watched and look at the videos and photos for the first time…I couldn’t pay much attention to them at the time the videos came out cuz I said before I was busy with an event…but when I came home and completely involved myself with SS501’s participation in Dream Concert,my state was indescribable…and still is…and will always be…

I wanna comment on their looks and appearance….black suits,new haircuts,new impression and new manly style…They’ve grown so much…I can’t believe these 5 men are those little cuties singing Ijen kuthiya mabobun pullyosso…norul yongsohal mamun obso…(Warning,5 years ago…)

Now I’ll show you some pictures of our boys on the stage..later on I’ll post the videos ^^



Baby Hyung Joon with expression filled with confidence.There’s something different about him now..He’s getting so matured and I’m so thankful I can watch his growth whether we’ll be talking about looks,talent,speech,character and so on…


Kim Kyu Joong with amazing vision and full dedication to the song and ss501’s performance…He seem very energetic and full with passion.The fire in his eyes seem different – a stronger one..He’s absolutely incredible…


Jung Min…his eyes can speak for himself…He seem very proud and I’m sure his heart was filled with amazing feelings…and although he seem very strong person,all that happiness in his heart resulted in tears…
aw Jung Minnie <3….. he was stunning …


Saengie was a bit scared but he also seem very energetic and ready for new activities with the band…He’s very happy and giving the best of him…<333


And finally our leader Kim Hyun Joong…I don’t know is it me,or is it some kinda strange feeling in me,but still…he looked sad…Yes..he smiled a lot but It would be hard not to notice the nostalgic and sad feelings in his eyes…and there’s something more…as we all know he went through a car accident and it’s just normal to be still in a shock and lack some confidence…I can fully understand him…and I support him at 100%…
But I must say he’s a great talent…despite the tough situations he had to come through these weeks he once again gave the best of himself…I love you Kim Hyun Joong..I love you for being the best in everything…


Finally I would say that all members of ss501 can’t wait their comeback and are filled with energy and with great expectation…I’m sure they can’t wait going back to stage and showing everyone their pure talent…
Great job ss501….I love you…xxxx

SS501 New Concept Photos Revealed

Omg….I duuno what to say…I just wake up,open my browser and ….the new concept photos were there….omg…I found myself screaming infront of the computer and I was shaking like a leaf….
How come these guys be so mean…;/ ;D
The new photos are filled with perfection and incredible ideas…I won’t comment about the looks….cuz each one of them is absolutely gorgeous as usual…
But still..I’m so proud of them…and I can’t wait for the album to come and listen to the songs…and with that incredible photosession I can’t even imagine what the video will looks like….I think I’ll kill myself than ;DD <33

Enjoy the new photos

Kim Kyu Jong new message at DSP website

Aigoo Aigoo!! ^^ Pretties Hello… hee
2010-05-18 11:50:04 PM

It’s been a long time~~
Right!! Thank you for all the concerns to HyunJoong hyung.. hm.. though this is not a happy situation, or rather it is an upsetting situation..
With all the concerns from many of you, HyunJoong hyung will be fine right away!! Isn’t it?^^
Haha~ hm hm we 501.. are diligently in the midst of preparation ^^
We really prepared a lot.
Leading his aching body, leader HyunJoong hyung is also working hard, our YoungSaeng hyung is perspiring profusely and working hard too!
Our horse JungMin is also working even more seriously than usual!
Our magnae HyungJoon plays pranks… ah… what to do with this guy… heeheehee
Just joking~ HyungJoon is more quick-witted than others, so he does radio shows and learns the chorography fast and practices it~~
Now, today it rained ^^ On rainy days, the basement practice room will become damp so it gets stuffy..
When I come out after practice ends, got touched by the rain a little, it feels very refreshing as compared to other rains ^^ hee
Hm Hm.. Living a life and always going on as planned isn’t interesting at all isn’t it? ^^ Sometimes there can be a variable~
That will be interesting.. ^^ Let us put our two hands together and pray together for HyunJoong hyung to recover quickly hee
And put two hands together to pray again for other members not to fall sick ^^!
And put two hands together, I will pray for our pretties not to fall sick..^^
Because it is the foremost important to be healthy always, take care of yourself!
Work hard on the things you are doing! If you spend your time wisely, we!
Jjyan!!!!!!! Will give you a surprise ^^ My heart is beating at the thought of meeting you faster~~
Today is raining and it feels very good.. ^^
When it rains, I will think of our members, our pretty green peas.. ^^ Everyone is like that too right?!! ^^
Hm hm!!
Anyhow anyhow!! I will end here ^^
Bye~~ I will come back right soon again!!

After the rain, my clear sky~~(song lyric)
Thanks ss501fighting….


Ahh Kyu’s message is so warm and beautiful.He surely knows how to write and express himself…
The letter is filled with love and we all can feel it….
I’m very glad someone from the band wrote a letter after the accident with Hyun Joong..
Thank You Kyu for writing to us and make us feel a bit better after the thing which happened to our leader…;/


Yeah ! The name of the new album sounds great and I’m counting the minutes to its releasing…^^
So the main song will be called “Love Ya”…aww that sounds cuute …I wanna hear it so desperately ;/
4th of june – comeback on Music Bank …<333 yeess…Here is an article from and I'm thankful to

So it seems that the date is not sure yet,cuz I’ve read three different dates since this morning but we’ll have to wait and see ^^


Korean idol group SS501 is gearing up for a comeback with their upcoming new album “DESTINATION” due out May 31, according to their agency DSP Entertainment on Tuesday.

DSP explained in a press release that some of the most talented musicians in Korea, Europe and the U.S., including prominent Korean-American music producer Steven Lee, collaborated to create the new album.

Lee, who had written and arranged all the tracks in the group’s previous album “REBIRTH,” also composed the title track, named “Love Ya,” in the new album.

All the songs in “DESTINATION” have been arranged to piano accompaniments while incorporating a minimum of electronic sounds that are prevalent in current K-pop music.

Some of the songs included in the record are R&B tune “Let Me Be The One” and a dance number called “Crazy 4 U,” which was performed by the band during their “PERSONA Asia Tour” but left out on the previous album. Fans are said to have requested that SS501 include this particular track on the new album.

SS501, who debuted in 2005 with single “Warning,” made a successful comeback to the music scene last October, topping various music charts with their second mini-album “Rebirth”.

They kicked off their “1st Asia Tour Persona” in Seoul last August and went on to perform in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The five member group are scheduled to give a comeback performance on KBS’ “Music Bank” on June 4.

Kim Hyun Joong got in a car accident …..

Omg….I can’t believe it…;( ;( I’m very upset about this…How come this happen to my flower boy….;/
Hwaiting Hyun Joong…we will always support you and be with you…Don’t blame yourself for the accident…It just happened…The most important thing is that you’re okey and things will be all right….
I don’t know what to say…I’m sending all my positive energy to South Korea and I hope for your fast recovery….^^ please don’t feel bad about this…we love you so much and I really want to see you on stage soon ..<333
I'm sure you will spread your great talent and amazing appearance on dream concert 2010…I'm waiting with anticipation to see you singing and giving the best for your fans…And I can't wait to hear the new song…<3
I love u….<3

Here is the announcement from DSP and some more information about the case…
Thanks for the translation from ss501fighting…


Hello This is DSP media.

Schedule: May 22, 2010 19:00 ~
Venue: Sangam World Cup Stadium

I already know many of you thinking about the appearance of SS501 in ‘Love the Republic of Korea 2010 Dream Concert’

Members of five people Is thought to have the opportunity to find ~ Power from the big ~ stage for a long time!!

Many people come and shine SS501 stage Please join us Cheer us!!

In The Dream Concert will release the Ballad “Let Me Be The One” in the album and Original song “Only One day” of the stage show is planned.

Originally is going to releases the title track of the album but, due to Leader Kim Hyun Joong’s minor accident, Choreograph would be hard to make in the show from judgement.

The accident Kim Hyun Joong in the present with the acquaintance together while moving in car crash accident has been diagnosed with ribs bruises and put him in abrasions displaced for 2 weeks during the current recovery .

Fortunately, not a big accident and improved a lot now.

Although the title song on the album, not releases in Dream Concert but with SS501 mark ballad musics which are recorded with secret process.

Is a great opportunity to listen to new songs of SS501 new album!!

More to come on the scene once again shows the strong appearance of green peas please!!

The album will be released at the end of May and is expected to be back in the early June.

For more information on album, I’ll make with further notice! ~

Thank You

[ DSP Media ]


SS501 Kim Hyun Joong was in a car accident. (PS: the accident actually happened on May 12th near Hyun Joong’s home in Jamsil)

DSP media agency side said, “Kim Hyun Joong on the go with two friends when the car crashed, he was diagnosed that his ribs bruises, need to put on the displacement for the abrasion for 2 weeks,” and “On May 22 ‘Dream Concert’ stage, will be showcasting the Ballad of the new album Inevitably.

For Kim Hyun Joong pre-arranged activities of the new album in the beginning of June is not interfere, but is hard to digests choreography practice etc. So plans to stage a show of the group’s ballad ‘Let Me Be The One’ and Original song ‘Only One Day’.

Last May 1 is SS501 The 501 Day and the album release is cut right, has been released pictorial part of the album. Members wearing black masks as a rough appearance at the time has received attention .

The New Album will be here by Friday the 27th

Yeah…Finally some news about the case with the new album ^^
So,the format is known – it will be a mini album …^ _ ^ niice I’m very glad
And tomorrow our boys will be shooting the video for the main song of the album ^^ yeei…
I’m very happy ….
here’s the information from and thanks for the translation from ss501fighting ^^


The five-member popular idol group SS501 surprise comeback later this month, is going to join the May music industry “BIG BANG”.

SS501 DSP media agency side said to Money Today Star News “Fans will find it on the new album the two months work of SS501 by Friday the 27th” and “Music format will be a mini-album”

Then he said “Now all five members including (Kim) Hyun Joong, (Kim) Hyung Jun, (Heo) Young Saeng, (Kim) Kyu Jong, (Park) Jung Min are hardworking with recording.”

Coming June SS501 contract with DSP as the media will be ended including Kim Hyun Joong, several rumors about the next move of SS501 but the official explanation is not SS501 members will not stop and has been devoted to recording now.

The official said, “We have known and drifting in a furnished rumors, there are exceed five kinds of rumors” But he urged ”Some rumors are not true, and now SS501 members eager to work as the new album for a while. I hope I will feel much appreciate if you will interest in this album.”