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Kim Hyun Joong ~ Details about HENECIA.COM Opening /04.07.11/

Kim HyunJoong, Details about HENECIA.COM Opening

This is Henecia Management Team.

When the rainy season stops, there will be a severe heat wave.
We hope that all Henecia members can stay healthy even in the severe heat wave.

Finally we are delivering news that Henecia members have been waiting for. will be available for everyone on 11-July-2011.

Before its official opening, we are planning to open application for ‘regular member’ aimed at Henecia members from 4-July-2011 onwards.

Besides [Notice] , [Staff Notice], we will advise the possibility of use of the other menu after we have approved the regular members on 11-July.
Through, we will deliver various news about Kim HyunJoong more quickly, and we will work hard to make a portal for smooth communication together with all the fans.

We would like to remind you that is only available for fan club member to use for 1 year,
For more details, please check it out at

Thank you.

* Due to the current settings, you will not be able access the website smoothly. It should be available in about 20 minutes. We seek for your understanding.



Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Looking for Henecia’s Official Logo /04.07.11/

This is Henecia operating team.

Henecia website have been opened this time to look for Henecia logo which will be used in the future by Kim HyunJoong’s official fanclub.

The Henecia logo must consist of Kim HyunJoong’s fanclub name ‘Henecia’, hope that Kim HyunJoong & the fans can develop a suitable design.

Among the works that fans have handed in to us, the winner will receive a gift fulled with gratitude if the logo is chosen to be the official logo, hope that fans will give a lot of support to this.

Please refer to the details below for the collections of logo details:

[Logo collections time]
4th of July(Monday) – 15th of July(Friday) 12am KST.

[Submissions of logo]
Please send your work in email form to

[Files Submission format]
1) Title: [Collection] Name/ Official Homepage ID/ Contact details
2) Contents: Logo descriptions (In any form you wish)
3) Attachment: Image file attachments (jpg file, size of the logo: 15cm in width & 8cm in length, follow the details above for your logo)

** The selected winner(s) might be requested for PSD or AI files.

[Terms & Conditions]
– Regarding the logo usage details, a notice will be sent to the selected winner(s).
– Prize gift(s) all rights belong to KeyEast, no changes will be made to the prize gift(s)
– Plagiarizations, violations or etc that might have not been aware of during the selection, if spotted any of the above violations after selection, the work will be penalized.
– According to the results, there might be no logo selected at all.

Hope that fans supporting Kim HyunJoong will participate and share your designs.

Thank you.

– Please follow the details stated on the homepage’s notice for your logo entry submission.
– Any loss caused due to the changes made in the notice, we held no responsible for that.

**Side note: There might be inaccuracy in translation, if spotted any, feel free to correct me.



Source: HyunJoong’s Henecia Fanclub website
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 東方5AS1)

Kim HyunJoong’s [BREAK DOWN] Limited Edition Pre-Order [23.07.2011]


This is KeyEast.

Pre-order for Kim HyunJoong’s 1ST MINI ALBUM [BREAK DOWN] Limited Edition will be available from 23-Jun-2011 (Thu). 

This Limited Edition will include the existing 6 songs from the mini album 
And in addition, a special DVD, undisclosed photos, etc, with a production of limited 10,000 copies only

Limited Edition poster will be given separately from the normal edition poster. 

Pre-order period : 23-June-2011 (Thu) from 3pm~
Pre-order places : Yes24, Kyobo Online, Interpark, Aladdin, Media Synnara, Music Korea (Book and Music), Libro Online, Musicland, RisMusic, Apple Music

About Kim HyunJoong 1ST MINI ALBUM [BREAK DOWN] Limited Edition Pre-Order
We hope for much attention and love from fans.

Thank you.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Notice Regarding Break Down Limited Edition Numberings [05.07.2011]

This is KeyEast.

Thank you everyone for giving your supports for Kim HyunJoong’s 1st mini album Break Down Limited Edition.

The numberings for the limited edition is originally from 1-10,000 copies, however, due to the manufacturing issues & defective copies, some of these copies cannot be sold. For the reduced amount of the copies, we have already increased the number of copies to be produced. Therefore, the number of copies for the limited edition will remained 10,000 copies, but the numberings will increased to 10,900, we hereby announced.

Due to the production process issue, the codes for the defective copies cannot be restored, thus the codes will be originally proceeding. The number of copies for the limited edition album will be the same as what we had already promised, there will not be any addition in the number of copies produced. We hereby informed to everyone regarding this matter.

The sales of the limited edition album and other related matters have caused many inconvenience to the fans, thank you for your understanding.



Source: HyunJoong’s Korean Official Website
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)

Kim Hyun Joong’s Letter ~ ‘Break Down’ Showcase (ENGLISH SUBs) /07.06.11/

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong’s Letter to Fans ~

by kimhyunjoong24

Kim Hyun Joong ~ Break Down Message