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[ English Subs ] Mischievous kiss Poster Shooting Video

[ English Subs ]Mischievous Kiss on Mnet wide news /12.08.10/

Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Eun Hye for ‘Basic House” Fall Collection

the pictures were taken on the 27th of july …

Actress Yoon Eunhye and Kim HyunJoong transformed into cute campus couple. Both of them displayed the casual fashion school look that is much popular in this Fall through fashion brand Basic House’s F/W pictorial shoot.

Recently in their pictorial shoot, they had been shooting eagerly right until they were satisfied with the results, which has earned the praises of staff that they are “indeed pros” at it.

Compared to the previous season, this time’s pictorial shoot was more natural as both of them share little talks in between shoots and place arms here and there for poses, amidst the enjoyable shooting, talks such as “looking like a real couple” could even be heard.

With a peculiar sense of fashion and who turns into the wannabe of the new generation — Yoon Eunhye is seen to be wearing apparels ranging from m2m tshirts to checker shirts and flaunting off her leg beauty with combination of shorts and knee socks, thus perfectly portraying her fashionista status without reservations.

Whilst for Kim HyunJoong, he gives off a simplicity feeling with m2m tshirts worn as well as dark-colored denim clothings, and not forgetting representative items like scarfs and hats etc to add on the solidity of the apparels he’s wearing, and with that, HyunJoong thus displays his fashion sense through a stylish portrayal of his simple school look.

Kim Hyun Joong attending Andre Kim’s wake on Y-Star /15.08.10/

South Korea’s 20 Hottest Male Celebs by CNN…

South Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs
Whether it’s cute and boyish or rugged and manly that floats your boat, you’ll find all the hunk you’ll ever need right here in this list of South Korea’s most gorgeous men
By Jemi Choi

There are men, and then there are MEN. These specially chosen South Korean celebs, who we’ve selected purely on the basis of how much drool they elicited from the female members of our staff, no doubt have solid acting, modeling and/or singing skills. But it’s their chocolate abs, sublime faces and lean, mean, sex-machine bodies that get them a place on this list. Never has scrolling been so pleasurable.

Here’s the ranking…

1. Jang Dong Gun
2. Won Bin
3. Bae Yong Joon
4. Ju Jin Mo
5. Jo In Sung
6. Lee Jun Ki
7. Daniel Henney
8. Dennis Oh
9. So Ji Sub
10. Rain
11. Yoon Sang Hyun
12. Lee Min Ho


Kim Hyun-Joong is far from a flower boy. The on-fire leader of the adorable boy band SS501 has taken control of Asia. Since his debut in 2005, he has always had a loyal fan base. His roles in KBS’s 2005 comedy “Can Love Be Refilled” and as Hwang Bo’s Baby husband in “We Got Married” have introduced him to audiences as a steamy boy next door. However, it was not until his role as Yoon Ji-hoo in the popular 2009 Japanese inspired drama “Boys Over Flowers” that Hyun-Joong reached his full potential. Since then, he has become a dream man and a regular at fashion shoots. If Hyun- Joong has not promoted a product, we don’t think it’s worth having. Hyun-Joong has a sexy singing voice, witty charm, and very well built body.

14. Kim Bum
15. Jang Geun Suk
16. Lee Seung Gi
17. Choi Min Shik
18. Song Seung Heon
19. Kwon Sang Woo
20. Ha Jung Woo

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Kim Hyun Joong quotes in “READY,ACTION” photobook …part 2 :)

“Many eyes that stare at me. If I can’t avoid, enjoy it.

By showing something inside me, I want to surprise them. One by one, slowly but something new each time. And for a long time, Shall I begin?”

“A piece of sandwich on one hand, and a thick book in another, 11 am a perfect time to take a walk on warm green field 3 pm is when you want to take a sweet nap with sky as blanket, and cloud as pillow. Children running around the playground having fun, Smile on my face without any reason at 5 pm A relaxing day passes by like a dream.”

“Without anything particular but with just wide field and net I become Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi, Running with a small ball in wind is the moment of freedom”

“He makes you laugh like a madman for nothing
and you can share your embarrassing stories with him, a friend.
I’m a prankster in front of my old buddy, friends for 18 years.
In the name of friend, there is no age, nationality nor sex.
Only if you have the heart to accept him. To be together. Because we are friends.”

The place you used to visit on holidays holding your mother’s hand.

It’s not the same place with smell of fish and crowded with people.

But curiosity still awakens when I enter the market.
“What is this?”
“It smells good. Is it a fruit?”
“I’ll take one of each.”

“Riding the bicycle with a basket full of food in one afternoon.Just for the fun. I turn the handle to the right, then to the left. I cannot help but laugh seeing the bicycle swivel but not fall. Surprised to see that the bicycle and I are very much alike. Like me who is strong in even with a small shock and in a small remark. A mischievous smile revisits my face.”

“The idea of finding something where there’s nothing is difficult vanished during the trip. The trip that started from nowhere created memories and emotions as I built something to remember during the trip. Thus, I find new me during the trip. Is it ecstasy. My secret list is filled with a plan of the world tour of blue bicycle from Santorini of Greece and Hula dance of Brazilian fiesta to sheep of New Zealand. After touring the world, it would be nice to have a trip to some planet in the universe. When will I make this dream come true?”

“Slowly wake up in the bright morning sun.Lazy time in bed until it’s time to get up.The sight of the village through the open window.A step away from the hectic life is all you need to do to have some freedom. In this simple self.In this moment, I am intoxicated with happiness.”

“A person who can make other excited with his stare.He who can open a sweet world of imagination with his quick smile.Someone who can intoxicate others in a short meeting.Most of all, someone with the heart to respect and care for others. Without the scent of one’s heart. He can be handsome man but not attractive. Exactly who am I? Is my scent penetrating by someone?”

“As an adult, I rebel for a reason.

It’s not self assurance. you should be able to express yourself no matter what other says. Even if that belief is wrong, you must understand its flaw. That is my, Kim Hyun Joong’s style.”

“Passion to improve oneself.
Passion to sing at a small theater while singing in the future.
To become one with the people I know through the concert.
Passion to act memorable character.
Passion to become someone you are proud of in front of others.
Passion to fall in love like a puppy.
All of these passions together make me. I breathe today.”

“LOVE, LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN HURT.LIVE, LIKE TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO LIVE.No hesitation as if never been heart broken or never had fear before…like today is the last day, I will love.From the moment I meet her.”

Kim Hyun Joong pay his last respect to Andre Kim /14.08.10/

Kim Hyun Joong quotes in “READY,ACTION” photobook

‘After enjoying plenty of freedom doing things I like

fill myself with relaxed mind to venture out to the world.

Shall we have some fun?’

‘Hot sandy beach heated by bright sunlight

Cool water that wets my feet

As if my heart has met an oasis of desert, it lifts in happiness.

Beach is good.Because it awakens an innocence of the heart and let it smile in joy.

Like the time a boy once was in his childhood.’

‘A piece of sandwich on one hand, and a thick book in another,
11 am a perfect time to take a walk on warm green field
3 pm is when you want to take a sweet nap with sky as blanket, and cloud as pillow.
Children running around the playground having fun,
Smile on my face without any reason at 5 pm.

A relaxing day passes by like a dream.’

‘I dont know exactly when but I met music like it’s my fate.

When the music flows from the mobile phone and into my ear and penetrates my heart, I revive as anew.

That’s how I feel that I’m alive.’

‘He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style. The one who gives loyalty and faithfulness to someone who honestly treats you with love and care is the “real” one.

That’s why I like dogs better than puppies. Dogs are sometimes cold and gives threat to strangers, but in front of his master whom he’s very familiar with, he then opens his heart with no reservations.’


Not found in this scan but HJ also said this part:

I who have already turned into an adult, I go against the opposite because I have a reason.
Not because I want to show how cool that is or how tough I am,
but because I want to prove the truth to my alleged thoughts
So long as I have confidence and assurance in myself
No matter what others may say or do
It will not suffice if I don’t stick to my own initial thoughts.
Even if that matter may end up wrong,
as long as it’s something I have decided about,
I will prove it firmly and bring it till the end.
is KimHyunJoong’s style.

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Another sports day for Kim Hyun Joong ~ “Playfull Kiss” [2010/08/13]

New Kim Hyun Joong photos from “Ready,Action”… [2]


Credit: khj0606 + SS501 Baidu