Hello ^___^

It’s been so long since I’ve last written an announcement ^^

Those last months were extremely important for me^^ ~ I graduated, had some extremely important exams, then I had to prepare for my application for some universities…then I had another exam…and as u see, I had absolutely no time for anything else :(…I’m so sorry I had to leave this blog and post publishments very rarely….and only about my bias Kim Hyun Joong…but… It was really hard…really :(….Thank u all for the understanding and I’m really glad that despite everything there are still thousands of visitors daily ^^

Now, everything is ok, my exams are over ^^ and I have free time….that’s why I decided to do something which I dreamed of for a long long time ago ~ a blog, dedicated to KIM HYUN JOONG


I hope u will like it ^^ …I made it some hours ago and it’s still a new one, but I really hope my blog will gain ur love and positive feedbacks ^^

I won’t say this is the end of  because I’ve been running it for a year and a half…and it has so much memories and so much love in it….but from now on, I’ll publish mainly in my new blog….

I’m really sorry guys…but being a blogger is a hard thing, especially when u have to post about five of the most famous people on Earth!….

Thank u very much for everything! I hope I’ll see u all in my new blog !

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