Looking for Henecia’s Official Logo /04.07.11/

This is Henecia operating team.

Henecia website have been opened this time to look for Henecia logo which will be used in the future by Kim HyunJoong’s official fanclub.

The Henecia logo must consist of Kim HyunJoong’s fanclub name ‘Henecia’, hope that Kim HyunJoong & the fans can develop a suitable design.

Among the works that fans have handed in to us, the winner will receive a gift fulled with gratitude if the logo is chosen to be the official logo, hope that fans will give a lot of support to this.

Please refer to the details below for the collections of logo details:

[Logo collections time]
4th of July(Monday) – 15th of July(Friday) 12am KST.

[Submissions of logo]
Please send your work in email form to event@hyun-joong.com

[Files Submission format]
1) Title: [Collection] Name/ Official Homepage ID/ Contact details
2) Contents: Logo descriptions (In any form you wish)
3) Attachment: Image file attachments (jpg file, size of the logo: 15cm in width & 8cm in length, follow the details above for your logo)

** The selected winner(s) might be requested for PSD or AI files.

[Terms & Conditions]
– Regarding the logo usage details, a notice will be sent to the selected winner(s).
– Prize gift(s) all rights belong to KeyEast, no changes will be made to the prize gift(s)
– Plagiarizations, violations or etc that might have not been aware of during the selection, if spotted any of the above violations after selection, the work will be penalized.
– According to the results, there might be no logo selected at all.

Hope that fans supporting Kim HyunJoong will participate and share your designs.

Thank you.

– Please follow the details stated on the homepage’s notice for your logo entry submission.
– Any loss caused due to the changes made in the notice, we held no responsible for that.

**Side note: There might be inaccuracy in translation, if spotted any, feel free to correct me.



Source: HyunJoong’s Henecia Fanclub website
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 東方5AS1)

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