Solo singer Kim Hyun-joong has made quite the successful comeback, selling 100,000 copies of his album already.
According to album sales tracking agency, Hanteo Chart, on June 22nd, Kim sold 80,000 copies of his mini album “Break Down” in just the first two weeks. Another 20,000 were sold until now making total sales clock in at about 100,000 copies.
During times when albums are no longer the popular choice of music purchases, this figure is quite significant. So significant that the popular star is the first solo singer to have made such sales. He’s in good company of other idol groups like Big Bang and TVXQ who have accomplished the same feat as a group.
According to KEYEAST, Kim is planning on embarking on his Asia Tour in August. This is expected to only increase sales.
The singer-turned-actor undoubtedly faced much pressure to stand on his own two feet as a singer after the members of SS501 all signed with different management companies when their contract with DSP Entertainment ended. Already having reached number on a popular music ranking live performance show, it’s clear that he’s doing just fine flying solo.


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