Why does Kim Hyun Joong not use smartphones? /17.06.11/


This is the period where smartphones are getting more and more publicized everywhere around. Indeed true that most stars these days use smartphones. Whether for promo shoots relating to work, or during free intercession breaktimes during recordings, stars have the tendency to play the games on their smartphones and or watch videos to pass time. Smartphones are certainly the effectively one of a kind tool for them to pass time.

In addition, even smartphone companies have this ongoing promotion sale for celebrities who buy from them. And so because of this, most of the stars are using smartphones. There are even some stars who have 2~3 handphones with them.

However, amidst such a trend, there are, too, stars who don’t use smartphones. And he is none other than Kim Hyunjoong who’s recently made his solo comeback with a new album. Kim Hyunjoong is currently using an old model folder phone. Kim Hyunjoong has also mentioned himself that he’s never used a smartphone at all before. So what exactly is the reason why Kim Hyunjoong doesn’t use smartphones?

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong who met up with our eNews said to this, “Smartphones are inconvenient, whereas a normal phonepiece is convenient”. In fact, Kim Hyunjoong’s handphone was recently spoilt and he actually got a new handphone too. Despite given the chance to, he still again selected and went for a folder phone. A related personnel from his agency has commented, “Kim hyunjoong doesn’t show any kind of stark interest to any latest gadget and whatsnot”, “He finds that smartphones are inconvenient and has insisted to use the original style of phone that he’s always been using”.

Kim Hyunjoong is a star who’s almost insensitive to the latest trend at all. He doesn’t play mini homepages. Twitter or even SNS*. Since he doesn’t own a smartphone, it would obviously be hard for him to use SNS too. A related personnel who knows Kim Hyunjoong very well has divulged, “Rather than to say that he wants to maintain his mysterious profile, it is more apt to say that he doesn’t exactly enjoy communication through the internet medium”, “Kim Hyunjoong likes to share talks with people by meeting them directly and personally, rather than over the net. The matters he thinks of is not like a 1986 at all. He has trend sensitivity just like those in their 30s”.

*SNS is Social Networking Service.


Source: http://www.enews24.net/news/03/1340102_1164.html
English translation: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

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