Kim HyunJoong, Letter of Tears “Only Watched Over As Fans Fought” /08.06.11/


Returning as a solo singer, Kim HyunJoong conveyed his gratefulness towards fans and cried.

Kim HyunJoong read out his letter filled with his love towards his fans in his first mini album ‘Break Down’ sale commemoration showcase held on 7-June afternoon at JangChoong Stadium, JangChoong-dong, Jong-gu, Seoul.

He said “Even though I am able to show myself through performances, I am unable to show my heart. So I picked up my courage and wrote down what I want to say to my fans in a letter.” and pulled out a piece of letter.

Kim HyunJoong spoke out his mind “It has been already 6 years knowing everyone. Thank you for believing and supporting Kim HyunJoong consistently throughout the times. I prepared for the album and I looked back at the road that I have walked through. I came to knew how important the word ‘Together’ means.”

In addition, “Having to do everything on my own, I felt stressed and fearful. It is not easy to overcome that. In the past 1 year, I’ve seen fans fought and misunderstood each other, I felt ‘I am a helpless person’ because I can only watch over them that without saying a word.” he confessed and cried.

Lastly, he conveyed his true feelings “I produced my album by imagining fans being happy when looking and listening to my album. In the future, I hope that you can smile and become even happier. This is not mine, but everyone’s album. I want to say sincerely Thank You and I love you to you who is here today.”

Kim HyunJoong performed the powerful performance for ‘Break Down’, the title song for his first solo abum, at the 4,000 audience showcase, and gained enthusiastic cheers.


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