When someone has made so much for you and your love for him can’t be described because it’s as huge as the whole Universe, wishes are not that easy to be said and sound extremely boring and cliche…

I…surely don’t know from where to begin with. I hope and will always hope that someday, I’ll be able to say the following words in person…and will able to congratulate him as it has to be…not through a blog publication that will probably never reach his eyes…but in person…^^

So… when someone mean a lot to you and you love him extremely much, you want that person to be healthy and always in a good shape and condition, so that he can continue make you happy and fill your days with joy and pride! Therefore, Kim Hyun Joong… please, take good care of yourself…Take proper sleep and eat well! I wish you health and strenght because on the way to reaching worldwide recognition and success, you have to be tough and strong! Use that strenght to show everyone that you are the BEST and there’s nobody like you!

Personally, I believe that happiness is the most important thing in the whole world. A person’s heart must be feeling satisfied, happy and proud of its achievements. A person’s soul must be in a complete harmony with the surrounding world and you have to feel like this is your life, this is your place and nothing in this world can make it worse! So, dear Kim Hyun Joong, I wish you the WHOLE happiness on Earth! I wanna see you happy all the time and I really hope that gorgeous smile of yours will never fade away! You deserve to be happy! You deserve to have a life, full of amazing moments, memories, love, friendship…and everything that can create a smile on your face!

Love is the thing withouth which life cannot be the same. Love gives you wings to fly and reason to live… Love changes everything and I really hope that someday, you will find that special someone who will change your world! I wish you love that your heart can’t even bear! Hyun Joong…you’re the pure definition of “man” and the girl next to you will be the luckiest girl on this planet! …

Hyun Joong, you’re probably the most incredible talent I’ve ever seen…Your voice is capable of creating a magic, that can cure everything! Each song, each performance, each project is filled with so much passion and love, that I can’t even describe the impact they have on me…You are made to bring happiness and joy to people with your talents…therefore I wish you many many new paths and roads in life…many many new projects and many many professional achievements which will prove again and again how incredible you are!

I believe that this special day will be celebrated properly ^^ keke…I wish you one amazing and unforgettable birthday party!

Finally… I wanna thank you for being here with me…Thank you for all the happiness and joy you brought me! Thank you for being that awesome! And I really really thank you for creating a better world!






*The pictures with the quotes are created by me…Please give proper credit if you wanna use it ^^

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