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Kim Hyun Joong ~ Kim Heechul Young Street FM Radio /21.06.11/



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Kim Hyun Joong attended a wedding again!

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Kim HyunJoong Special Interest? Confessed “Ever Bought a Cosplay Female School Uniform Before” /22.06.11/


Kim HyunJoong surprised everyone when he said he ever bought a female school uniform before.

Kim HyunJoong confessed in KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 3’ recording recently, “When SS501 first went to Japan, Kim HyunJoong bought a female school uniform in a place which sells cosplay costumes.”

It was Heo YoungSaeng who bought a one-piece Chinese lady costume first, and Kim HyunJoong went to the same place and chose his costume. Kim HyunJoong’s sudden confession surprised the MCs and they asked him if he ever wore that school uniform. “I hung it up as a decoration” he said and emphasized that he bought it because he find it interesting as that place sold a lot of different kinds of cosplay costumes such as policeman, school uniform, etc.

“Because the clothes are so beautiful, we bought them with an innocent mind, but people misunderstood and suspected that we were buying for our girlfriend.” Heo YoungSaeng added with a depressed expression, making the rest can’t help but laugh.

Broadcast is on 23-Jun at 11.15pm


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Mnet Idol Chart Show (Wild Star) ~ Kim Hyun Joong #1, Park Jung Min #12 /22.06.11/


Kim Hyun Joong ~ QUANTEZ accessories /sponsor photos/


Kim Hyun Joong ~ MZUU accessories /sponsor photos/




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Kim Hyun Joong Winning at MTN TV Commercial Award Ceremony