Regarding unconfirmed deposit of ’2011 Henecia’ /25.05.11/

Greetings From staff of henecia.

We sincerely appreciate your support for Kim Hyun-joong’s official fan club <2011 Henecia> new member recruit that started from May 2nd. As announced, this is exclusive for anyone that has an unconfirmed deposit status, please make certain by reading the information below.

Unconfirmed deposit status is for someone that has sent the deposit to the fan club exclusive bank account, during the period of May 2nd ~ May 23rd, but has not received a ‘Deposit confirmation e-mail’. Please download the attached <<Unconfirmed deposit status information download>>file and check the list.

If you are not on the list, it means that your deposit has been confirmed, and that the official fan club membership card will be delivered in consecutive order.

Thank you.

<Verification method of Unconfirmed deposit status>

1. Download the <<Unconfirmed deposit status information download>> file

2. Check if you are on the list

3. Send an e-mail that you are on the list

4. After the person in charge confirms it, you will receive a ‘Deposit confirmation e-mail’

<<Unconfirmed deposit status information download>>

<Unconfirmed deposit status mail form>

e-mail address :

e-mail subject line : [Unconfirmed Deposit] Name/Date deposited

e-mail contents :

1. Name :

2. ID :

3. Name of the person who made the deposit :

4. Date deposited :

5. Time deposited :

6. Deposit bank :

7. Address (nation and zipcode is required) :

8. e-mail :

9. Contact number (mobile phone or home phone) (country code-area code-contact number) :

**For accurate verification, Unconfirmed deposit status has to attach the deposit slip (deposit confirmation document).


– Overseas wire transfer date can be different from the deposit date information(date,time,name of bank).

– Please fill out all information accurately.

– Individual confirmation mail will be sent out to those who are on the Unconfirmed deposit status list.

From staff of henecia



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