Kim Hyun Joong’s First Solo Album online pre-order to start on 20th May /19.05.11/

With his first solo album and comeback approaching in the upcoming June, singer cum actor Kim Hyunjoong will also start to hold the online pre-ordering for his first solo mini album across the entire Asia.

According to his agency KEYEAST on the 19th, “With Kim Hyunjoong’s feverish affection by taking part in the production work and all, his album has thus been formed”, “Since this will be Kim Hyunjoong’s first solo album, it is expected that his individual uniqueness, distinctive traits and personal feel will be filled throughout in this album. It will be a piece of album with high level of accomplishment”, as was revealed.

In addition, “With Kim Hyunjoong’s album currently still held under the veil, as soon as news of his album release was conveyed, there had been an influx of enquiries from domestic and international fans. Along with that, we have thus decided to also start taking preorders for the album”, as the agency’s personnel divulged.

Kim Hyunjoong’s mini album will start its album preordering from 20th May onwards through online websites like HotTracks, YES24, Interpark, Aladdin, etc.

His album will be first revealed on June 7 dawn throughout all online sites, after which another showcase session will be held on the afternoon of June 7 with approximately 5,000 fans. As for offline sales, it will begin only on June 8 in all offline stores.

“With the conveying of his greetings through his first solo album, Kim Hyunjoong is also thinking of forming the best stage possible”, “In order to weave favorable memories with all fans, he is currently dwelving in the live rehearsals and preparing for his luxurious performances at the moment, so please give all your anticipation for it”, as KEYEAST personnel once again mentions.

With enquiries coming in from domestic and asian fans about the album, Kim Hyunjoong himself is also spending his days busily preparing at the final stage for his album that’s to be released in early June.


English translation:

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