‘Strong Heart’ King of the Kings Battle-Choi Hong Man, U-Know YunHo, Kim Hyun Joong etc Participating /20.05.11/

SBS TV programme ‘Strong Heart’ special episode of the ‘King of the Kings’ is inviting previous winners to take part.

‘Strong Heart’ PD Park Sang Hyuk said on the 20th ‘After 20 months of Strong Heart, it’s time to rearrange it. Up to now, most of the celebrities who appeared on ‘Strong Heart’ had a Talk Battle.’

He continued ’The viewers will see a gathering of the most hilarious stars. Very anticipating’.

The ‘King of the Kings’ includes the talk winners of episode 8′s Kim Hyun Joong, episode 13′s Jun Ho of 2pm, episode 14′s Oh Jung Hae, episode 25′s Se7en, episode 27′s Choi Hong Man, episode 36′s U-Know Yun Ho and other unconfirmed talk winners. It will be a magnificent talkshow worth anticipating.

The ‘King of the Kings’ competition will be recorded on the 26th of this month and broacast in mid-June.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110520n23216
English Translation: khjgalaxy.blogspot.com

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