Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min at Playful Kiss Press Conference /03.05.2011/

khj: i would say the highlight of playful kiss was definitely the rain kiss scene.
jsm: same with me, i remember the rain kiss scene the most out of the love scenes. ——— khj: not that i don’t like insects, i am afraid of insects, and there were a lot of dragonflies and they were flying around me all the time so i had a lot of ng’s trying to run away from them. jsm: there was a scene where we fall asleep while studying. hyunjoong must’ve been really tired so he really fell asleep. i wasn’t too sure so i tried to listen closely and since i was right next to him only i heard him snoring for real. ———- 
jsm: aren’t you too much?
khj: i’m sorry. (or that’s really too much in a playfully hurt tone. i wonder what he must’ve said to get a reaction like that out of jsm where she was hitting his arm and he was grabbing her hand and they were both so giggly.) ———- 
khj: i didn’t mean myself but the roles of father, mom, brother and ohani, all fit the original story perfectly.
 jsm: …but as we were working…hyunjoong on the other hand is very different in real life. (big laugh) …different, yet i think it’s impressive that he portrayed the role so well.


Translation: Pinoyexchange
Video: Sraki2

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