Keyeast Notice: Kim Hyun Joong official fanclub name final confirmation /22.04.11/


^^   …Sounds super cool ~ I love it ❤

Hello. This is KeyEast.

Sincerely thanks for all members for participating in our poll from 14 April to 16 April.

Meanwhile, there were many suggestions with regards to the fanclub name poll.

Towards the different suggestion, we are sorry that the fanclub name confirmation notice is released late.

After discussing the Fanclub name and re-vote content, everybody votes has finalized Kim HyunJoong’s official fanclub name, hope to receive everybody continuous affection.

Kim HyunJoong official fanclub name is finalized as Henecia
It is formed from the combination of Kim HyunJoong’s name’s ‘H’ and latin Benecia (blessed)
It has the meaning of Blessed Kim HyunJoong, and because of Kim HyunJoong people are blessed.

In future, please give many support in Kim HyunJoong-ssi activities and,
later on when the official fanclub recruitment notice is scheduled, we hope that many will participate.

Thank you.



Chinese translation: Candy @
English translation:

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