Park JungMin, Cries In Order to Become a Man..Releases Photobook /08.04.11/



Singer Park JungMin from group SS501, released a photobook consisting of various of his charisma, from sweet to chic.

Released on 8-Apr, the photobook included with Park JungMin’s first mini album ‘The, Park Jung Min’, is Park JungMin’s first ever solo photobook and contains diverse attraction of Park JungMin. He shows an even wider range of acting skills from the ‘charisma chic’ image shown in his last single album ‘Not Alone’.

With the photobook is the so-called main cover of ‘The, Park JungMin’ which you cannot tell which is the front and back, the two-sided concept of the album gained much attention.

‘The, Park Jung Min’ jacket concept is ‘tears’, one side shows innocence while with tears of being moved, the other side shows a sympathetic and determined guy’s tears.

A lovely and mischievous kind of guy, Park JungMin gives a feeling of getting more matured as a male, an adult, a solo singer. And it was known that he discussed with the photo director on the appeal, as well as directing the shoot.

Besides Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, Park JungMin will have his Asia fan meeting tour in HongKong, Thailand, etc.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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One response to “Park JungMin, Cries In Order to Become a Man..Releases Photobook /08.04.11/

  • R-love

    Park jung min don’t dare to cry even if you wanted to!It’ not because of you or anything fans all over the world will promise to be your or ss501’s fans forever and support you always!
    And love you like me RIKA HIYA…

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