Jung Min Facts ~

Since it’s his birthday, I decided to make a publication dedicated to him ^^

Birth Name: 박정민 (Park Jung Min)

Nickname: Sexy Charisma, Horse (mal)

Birth date: 3rd April 1987

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea

Blood type: O

Star sign: Aries

Size ft: 270 ~ 275mm

Family members: Parents, elder brother, sister-in-law, elder sister, nephew

Education: High school affiliated to Dankook University, Currently studying in Kyonggi University, performing department

Motto: Always live with a thankful heart

Hobbies: Writing lyrics, collecting things, taking a walk, listening to music

Idol: Any artist that worth to learn from

Favourite food: Carrot

Favourite songs: PINK “U+Ur Hand”, “I’m not Dead”

Most satisfied body part: Teeth

Animal to describe himself: Unicorn

Things will do before sleep: Wear ear plugs & eye mask and pray

Ways to relax: Try to smile

Habit that he would like to change : Hope to cure sweaty palm

Things that he bring in his bag : Medicine, Diary, Accessories

Thing that he won’t loose to anybody : Confidence

Type of girl he likes: Filial, understanding, can stand his whims

Position in team: low vocal

Talents: Tap dance, Rock climbing, Singing, Dancing, Acting

Sleep alone because his room is most messy

Brings up the lively atmosphere wherever he goes, he is usually the spokesperson for SS501

Wears toe socks because he has sweaty palms

Fast in learning foreign language

Most respected person : himself

Interest & specialty : None! Recently watching Japanese dramas

Average hours of sleep : 5 ~ 6 hours

1st thing when he wake up : Open eyes, breathe, stretch, look at the time, wash face

Ideal breakfast menu : Don’t take breakfast basically, but anything also OK if it’s made by his love

Strength of handshake : It’s rather weak, but very strong if it’s something that he want

Favorite phrase : “Totally none”, “No no”, “Is it”


JM describe Hyun Joong : Lively

JM Briefly describe Young Saeng : Lively

JM Briefly describe Kyu Jong : Lively

JM Briefly describe himself : The best

JM Briefly describe Hyung Jun : Lively

JM Describe Hyun Joong with a color : Red

JM Describe Young Saeng with a color : White

JM Describe Kyu Jong with a color : Yellow

JM Describe himrself with a color : Silver

Role in SS501 : Sexy Charisma

1st impression of Hyun Joong : “Dark” aura

1st impression of Young Saeng : White person

1st impression of Kyu Jong: Black

1st impression of Hyung Jun : Very “dark” on the whole –“

Hyun Joong as an animal : Dog

Describe Young Saeng as an animal : Otter

Describe Kyu Jong as an animal : Gorilla

Describe Hyung Jun as an animal : Soft-shelled turtle


An ideal man is : “Someone like me!”

Favorite character (animation, TV etc) : Rilakkuma, seal/sea lion

Favorite color : Silver, Gold

Favorite vegetables : Cucumber

Prefer ocean or mountain : Home

Favorite corner at home : Bed

Favorite physical part of JM body : Teeth, body curve

Future dream : Actor, MC, photographer, PD, entrepreneur, singer, designer

Instruments played : A type of bamboo flute, castranet, drum, triangle, clarinet

Favorite performing artiste : himself

Favorite SS501 song : Again, 4Chance

Most frequently sang song at practice studio : Nakashima Mika

An ideal woman is : None. Someone who’ll be with him together and make him feel everything will be alright

ideal date is : Shopping at the supermarket together

In 50 years’ time, he’ll be : Review how he should had led his current life

Best in cooking : Pasta

Like & dislike Korean dish : Like kimchi pancake, mum’s homemade dishes, no dislikes

Favorite drink : Yoghurt, lemon carbonate drinks, milk

Dislike drink : Bitter drinks, though they are good for health

Favorite (best) subject : Science, social, Hanga

Dislike (worst) subject : Maths

Favorite movie : Movies that he’ll participate in future –“

Favorite book (novel, comic etc) : Everything

Favorite sport : Everything

Essence of handsome looks : Natural, able to dress up in his own style

Favorite flower : Orchid

Favorite animal : Dog, like those small sized cream-colored Pomeranian dog

Prefer phone calls or SMS : It depends on the time

Frequently thinking of : Japan

Thing that cannot be left behind : Handcream!! Accessories, socks


Credits : twitter@JeongMinfacts + ss501youremyheaven.wordpress.com

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2 responses to “Jung Min Facts ~

  • nurul

    he’r smile so cute n sweety . . .
    you my favorit aktor . . .
    saengil chukha hamnida oppa . . .

  • Mrs.jung min

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh my baaaaaaaby <3<3<3 ^^

    soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute <3<3<3<3 ^^

    good he don't have any ideal women hhhhhhhhh ^^

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