Happy Birthday, Park Jung Min ^^ ….

On this very special day, I am sending all my love and wishes to you ^^

Above all, I will start my wish list with the most important thing ~ health ~ …Dear Jung Minie, please, I beg u… always put yourself and your health on first place ~ Take good rests, eat well and dress properly ^^ Please, be always in a good shape and be careful not to catch a cold or any other illness ~ Because…if you feel ill ~ I’ll also feel that way  ~

Then, I would like to say that I truely believe that the most important thing in life is happiness ~ Loving your work, your surrounding world and be extremely happy and satisfied with yourself and your achievements….This is called happiness ~ and this feeling of being in a complete harmony with yourself is the best feeling ever ….Therefore, Jung Min, I wish you the whole happiness on Earth ~ I want you to be happy ^^ I want to see that gorgeous smile of yourself all the time !  ^^

Then, I wish you love, love, love…soo much love, that you can’t even imagine ^^ You have the love of your fans ^^ We will always support you and be with you no matter what ~ So….now it’s time to find that special someone who will make your world a complete mess and yet will fill it with passion, joy and love  ~ ^^ You deserve to be loved and I’m sure that you will find it….( that girl will be sooo lucky )….

^^ Next, I would like to wish you many many new projects, albums, musicals, dramas, movies and so on ~ ^^ I really hope you will continue to make us happy and proud of you and your achievements ^^ and I really hope you will continue making incredible albums ^^ ~ I wish you many new paths and roads in front of you ~ I know you want to act in a drama and challenge your acting skills ^^ so..I wish you a great acting career and huuuuge success ^^ ….But I know that whether it will be an album, or a drama ~ you will always be on the TOP <3, captivating the hearts of your fans ^^ ….

And now I would like to wish you one incredible birthday party ~ ^^ Keke…~ I really hope this birthday will be unforgettable for you ^^ …

Finally, Park Jung Min, I wish and hope that all your dreams will come true and all your goals and aims will be achieved ^^ I believe in you and in your amazing talent  ~I know that you will show them all that you’re the best !  ….

And …always be part of the GREATEST BAND ON EARTH – SS501 !  ! !

Love Ya, Park Jung Min….Love Ya, so much ❤ …Once again, Happy Birthday^^ …. <333

And thank you for everything…thank you for being with me when I really needed …thank you for making me happy and proud each and every second…

~You have no idea how happy I am on this very special day ~ … ^^ Happy B-day ^^ ❤

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