Park Jung Min ~ Due To New Release Song “As Tears Flows” … /29.03.11/


Singer Park Jung Min will be broadcasting his song to his fans during his birthday.

Thru his hit song “NOT ALONE”, from SS501 member Park Jung Min transforming into solo singer, during this period of time he did his Asia promotion tour to meet his fans. He wanna show his appreciation and to thank his fans for their endless support and the love they have given him during his solo activities, by releasing his new song.

3 months after the release of Park Jung Min’s “NOT ALONE” album, he will be releasing his song thru digital music service channel.

Park Jung Min’s new song “As Tears Flows” (‘눈물이 흐를만큼’), contains the emotional melody and story which was not expressed in his “NOT ALONE” song. It also contains the hard work of Park Jung Min.

On the other hand, the new album “THE, PARK JUNG MIN” other than the new song, it also includes a 40 pages pictorial book with Jung Min in different charismatic ways.

Park Jung Min’s 1st mini album “THE, PARK JUNG MIN” with pictorial and new song will be on sale officially on 7th Apr.


Source: osen
Korean to Chinese Trans: 피오나@PJM
Chinese to English Trans: slam10@SGTripleS

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