SS501 Game ~ Just For Fun!

1. Pick one member only for each category! It may be hard but that’s the point/fun part of the game!
2. Double voting will not be counted since it won’t be fair anyway.
3. Feel free to use abbreviations or nicknames but don’t be ambiguous (e.g., “HJ” or “Hyung Joong” or “Hyeong Jung” = I don’t know if you’re talking about Baby or Leader)

The husband: The member of SS501 who you think matches your personality and you can see them being a good lifelong partner and father
The lover/boyfriend: Boyfriend material but you are unsure if he fits into your ideal husband or father image but going on dates will be fun.
The ex-boyfriend: The member who you feel like you broke up with.
The best friend: Best friend who you can share all your secrets with and will not like him in a romantic way.
The crush: You like this member but am not sure he will be a good boyfriend.

Credits: sunnyskys* + Quainte forums + lovewls (icons used)

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5 responses to “SS501 Game ~ Just For Fun!

  • missnoodlesing

    husband: Kim hyun joong
    Lover/boyfriend: Heo Young Saeng
    the ex-boyfriend: Park jung min
    best friend: Kim kyu jung
    the crush: Kim hyung jun
    sso hard to pick but this is my answers 🙂

  • farra norra

    how to play this game..??
    just answer or have any other rule..

    • ss501youremyheaven

      just answer and comment me with ur choices ^^

      • farra norra

        oh like that yeah..
        ok.. the answer is ((^______^))

        the husband: Leader Kim Hyun Joong oppa
        The lover/boyfriend: Park Jung Min oppa
        The ex-boyfriend: Baby Kim Hyung jun oppa
        The best friend: Kim Kyu Jong oppa
        The crush: Heo Young Saeng oppa

        make me crazy to think dat answer..hahaa~
        but for me..
        all question u give..the answer always LEADER KIM HYUN JOONG..
        no others.. hihii~ ((^_^))

  • Em

    The husband: Park Jung Min 🙂
    The lover/boyfriend: Kim Hyung Joon Baby
    The ex-boyfriend: Kim Hyung Joong Leader
    The best friend: Kim Kyu Jong
    The crush: Heo Young Saeng

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