Notice: Kim Hyun Joong Japan departure schedule cancellation /12.03.11/


Please note that Kim HyunJoong’s schedule departure to Japan has been cancelled.

The ‘Playful Kiss’ Japan commemorative event which is scheduled to hold on 13th, tomorrow is cancelled due to an earthquake in the North-Eastern Japan at yesterday afternoon.

Kim HyunJoong is originally scheduled to depart on this morning but has to cancelled his schedule due to the flight cancellation by Japan Airport, due to this, KeyEast organizer is still waiting for the confirmation whether to hold the event.

‘Playful Kiss’ Japan organizer related personnel conducted a meeting this morning. Considering Kim HyunJoong and other cast and also for the safety of the fans, has made a final decision to cancel the activity.

Hope to get your understanding.

To the many of you who are devastated and save in this sudden disaster, we would like to convey our words of comfort, truthfully hope that there are no more damage.

Thank you!



Chinese translation: Ivy @
English translation:

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