Kim Hyung Joon ~ 1st in M-countdown… Craze Prior to Album Release? /07.03.11/


With the upcoming first solo album ‘my girl’ activities, Kim HyungJun (SS501)’s pre-released song ‘Girl’ took the 1st place in broadcast M-countdown pre-event voting, beating Big Bang in the online Asia music fan voting, creating attention over Kim HyungJun craze prior to his album release.

This poll/voting was held from 4-Mar till 9am 7-Mar, the pre-released song ‘Girl’ won the 1st place in M-Countdown Asia Music Fan Voting and monopolize the popularity in Asia, his title song for this solo album ‘oH aH’ has also created interests in the public.

Kim HyungJun, who will start his activities with his first solo album, successfully held a showcase on 5-Mar, passionately performing all the songs, gaining an explosion of interests in internet boards and among fans. Immediately after its release, ‘Girl’ received great popularity and won the 1st place (29.4%) in M-Countdown rankings beating Big Bang ‘Tonight’ (28.5%) and MBLAQ ‘Again’ (23.8%), proving once again Kim HyungJun’s hot popularity spreading across Asia.

This week’s M-Countdown ranking computation is based on 30% mp3 sales, 20% album sales, 15% Asia Fan Voting, 10% preference from music-related people, 15% real-time chart ranking, 10% SMS voting.

Released through his showcase, ‘Girl’ displays a masculine while dynamic dance, receiving enthusiastic response from fans. Title song ‘oH aH’ for his upcoming activities, and ‘Heaven’, ‘Not other women but you’ which he has taken part in writing the lyrics, Kim HyungJun’s first solo album gathered great interests and created huge anticipation for his activities.

Multi entertainer Kim HyungJun (SS501) will be releasing his first solo album on midnight of 8-Mar, and starting with the album activities in Korea, he will have large-scale promotional activities in Japan and other countries, gaining even more concerns from reporters and fans towards Kim HyungJun’s wonderful path ahead.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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