Kim Hyung Joon Starts His Solo Activities On Showcase Opening /05.03.11/


SS501 member, Kim Hyung Jun, starts his solo activities during the opening of his showcase.

Kim Hyung Jun held his showcase in Seoul Kaya Theatre which officially starts his solo activities.  Kim Hyung Jun stated [Now is the chance for me to showcase the music I wanna do.] [Because of the huge challenge so I am very excited and nervous] etc… about how he feels.

There are fans from different countries attending his showcase, more than 500 fans watching, Kim Hyung Jun sang the hit song “Oh! Ah!” from his new album which will be launch on the 8th March, inclusive of the rest of the 4 songs.  This album is compose by E-Tribe and Rado etc, famous producer compose together, and the lyrics in Kim Hyung Jun’s recorded songs “You Are Not Other Woman” & “Heaven” etc is composed by himself.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun acted his the Musical “Cafein” from Dec 2010 till Jan 2011 which added to his solo activities agenda.


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