Korean Idol Park Jung Min wishes to challenge Jolin Tsai /01.03.11/

Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jung Min recently came to Taiwan to promote his solo album, he said confidently that he wants to attempt the *sky ring which Jolin Tsai performed during her Asian Tour on Asia Plus programme ‘佼个朋友吧’.

In order to enter the Chinese market, Park Jung Min started to learn Chinese seriously, he even showed off his fluent Chinese during the programme which nearly made the host Hwang Zi Jiao forgot that he is a Korean singer and almost used Chinese to conduct the interview. Park Jung Min also sang ‘Friend‘ by Emil Wakin Chau, ‘Chase‘ by Leslie and William Wei Li An’s ‘Yes or No‘. Because there is only 3 words ‘Yes or No’ in the chorus of ‘Yes or No’, Hwang Zi Jiao said ‘He memorized the lyrics very well!’

Upon asking which Taiwan Entertainment artist skill he wanted to challenge, Park Jung Min actually answered that he wants to challenge *sky ring which Jolin Tsai performed in her concert, and confidently said that he already tried to stand at a very tall place (rainaftershine: His solo during Persona Concert ^^) previously, so he is quite confident that he can challenge Jolin.

Park Jung Min also said that he still really looks handsome from young till now, he was worried and do not know what to do because he cannot even close the drawer due to the amount of chocolate he received during elementary school. And because he only gave chocolates to one girl which arouse anger, he had no choice but to give everyone chocolates too.

~from 0:26


Source: Yahoo Taiwan
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com

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