Kim Hyun Joong: …………………. /01.03.11 12.03AM/


Has everyone been well yet??????
Tomorrow is 3.1 day so I guess everybody will be having day-offs ^^
So I also think many would have played alot today k

For me, I played soccer today and rehearsed, if I rested I think I would have smelt blood kkkk

Very tired… Gotta shower up and then sleep ya kkk
But nope, I’m gonna go meet our company director
We said to have a drink of beer or two
We’ll eat in a bit but won’t be going there by car so don’t worry too much

Though I wonder if I’m in a state of slump practically everyday these days, I believe if I were to conquer these turning points one by one,
soon I’ll be able to show forth a real terrific stage in May

hhhh so just keep lookin’ out ya ^^

It’s been a long time since I wrote an entry so I can’t write with Banmal because I’ve forgotten how that felt like k

3 months more is left, so do whatever that you have to do well, and eat well, and hang on there well kk

‘coz probably good luck will land on those who perseveres ^^

Have a good rest-day…… I might upload a candy picture on White Day
A very sexy

Candy kkkkkkkkkkkk wahahah

Even if you may have a bad mood, what matters is you work hard and stay positive; only so will smiles fill your day always

I believe in that and I do that,
so do that and stay happy always okay,
goddit’ earthlings?????????? kkk

I’ll be watching over all of you…kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



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