is having his first birthday~

Yes~ my blog turned one year old ^^ Keke~ I can’t believe this!

Istarted blogging about ss501 one year ago on the 27th of February~ the date on which the PERSONA Asia Tour ended ^^ ….I was so excited and I put so much effort, love and passion~ and the results were awesome!

I never thought my blog will become so famous ~I made if for personal reasons!~ But it turned out the other way! I started getting thousands of visitors daily~ thank u soo much guys…thank u for all the comments, all the support and all the nice messages! Triple S rock! ~

I would like to say some other things~ I don’t know how much longer am I going to keep updating this blog! As u can see because I have so little time, the newest information is published here with some delay and this is not good~ I’m a student~ last year ~ Examinations and so many other things are ahead of me and I need to prepare properly~ So…in the near future I will most probably stop updating this blog…~ It’s really hard for me to do this because SS501YOU’REMYHEAVEN is a place dedicated to my love and support towards SS501 ~ My angels, my everything! ….and I really don’t want to do this~ but…the time will come~ ….

Anyways…I won’t continue discussing the issue ~when the time comes~ I’ll inform u all! …

Now it’s time for a celebration ^^ Keke.. ~

Once again, thank u all for visiting and liking my blog! And I promise I’ll continue upgrade it with SS501 information and everything connected with them ^^ SS501YOUREMYHEAVEN.WORDPRESS.COM is still here for all TRIPLE S around the world!

Love ya ALL ^^<3

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