Park Jung Min ~ MTV壹级娱乐 /22.02.11/

Lady ~ Studio: Park Jung Min really loves Taiwan

Jung Min: Your eyes are very beautiful.

Voice-over: Coming to Taiwan, he did not really learnt anything but he learnt 1 thing which is kneeling down to praise fans, but this kneeling stunt is good cos he has captured all the fans’ hearts. The fans followed him everywhere he went, worshipping him like a god. Whenever he went is like a diety parade. (slam10: In taiwan, whenever there is some festival or what, the dieties will be out parading on the streets) Heard that he will be coming back to Taiwan again for filming, if he comes a few more times, he can buy a house there.

Lady @ Studio: Let’s talk about SS501 Park Jung Min. This is his 5th day in Taiwan. The way he runs his activities is like walking show. (slam10: I dont really know how to translate this cos I dont really understand the last phrase as some phrases used by the taiwanese are totally different from what we used.)
Voice-over: SS501 Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to promote his “Not Alone” album and had a fansign session at the XiMenDing Red House Square. On that day, there was a sea of umbrella. Those fans who are unable to squeeze in the crowd at the ground floor are all squeeze at the 2nd level.
Jung Min: Very touched. So my fans, please do not catch a cold, do not slip down.
Voice-over: After the fansign, Park Jung Min and his entourage went to a Thai restaurant for their dinner. A lot of fans were there too. After the dinner, went leaving the restaurant, even though it’s raining, Jung Min still accept all the gifts from fans. Then he went to a book store. During his last trip, Jung Min also came to the same book store.

Words on the screen: The bookstore can find me to be their spokeperson.

Words on the screen: Park Jung Min’s version of walking on the red carpet

Voice-over: Park Jung Min will be coming back to Taiwan in May for his drama filming, thus he was shopping for his stuff to use when he comes back in May. The fans were following along the way and Jung Min was in all smiles at them. 20th Feb Fanmeeting Party, Park Jung Min sang and dance, communicate in Mandarin with the fans and sang William Wei Li An’s “Yes or No”, Park Jung Min, you really love Taiwan.

Back to studio
Mickey Huang (in black): Mandarin quite good!

Phil Chang (in grey): He really practised very hard!

Mickey Huang: He really put his heart in.

Phil Chang: He is not that kind who will anyhow speak or say Thank You.

Lady: He kept speaking Mandarin, kept practising.

Mickey Huang: He knows how to sing alot of Chinese songs.

Lady: Yup.

Mickey Huang: He even sang William Wei Li An’s “Yes or No”.

Lady: He also sang “Bo Beep”

Mickey Huang: Correct, he sang “Bo Beep”

Phil Chang: He really practise

Lady: He is coming back to Taiwan in May for drama filming thus he really practise very hard.

Mickey Huang: He went to buy furnitures right?
Lady: Yup, he went to take a look at some furnitures.

Phil Chang: He is not bad, not a person who earned money already and just went back.

Mickey Huang: He really manages his stuff carefully. Wow, he went out is like a diety parade.

Lady: *gestures a huge group* Do you know, I met Park Jung Min who is on his way for his meal on coincidence when I was out having my meal too. The restaurant was initially empty, after Jung Min went up to the restaurant at level 2 (slam10: it is a 2 level restaurant), suddenly it was all full house at the 1st level. After Jung Min left the restaurant, it became empty.


Credit: cllslam10 @ YT + 飘飘庭@Tudou
English Translation:

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