Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min to attend Playful Kiss Japan Fuji TV broadcast promotion /25.02.11/~


‘Playful Kiss’ Japan promotion is now in the midst of progress.

In order to ensure the success of ‘Playful Kiss’ broadcast, for this coming 13th of March, 7PM, Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung are arranged to be present at Tokyo NHK Hall for a premiere talk & live.

For this event, there is only a capacity for 3600 people to participate, resulting in a sellout of tickets for the two sessions. In view of those who are not being able to get the tickets, many fans have decided to watch this at 12 theatres in Japan in order to enjoy the live broadcast and coverage of the performance.

Also,’Playful Kiss’ DVD which will hit the shelves on 2th March has already received orders beyond the available supply for the first edition, drawing much attention from interested parties local and overseas.

Representative of Group Eight’s Song Byung-jun said, “Just like how the start of a musical will gradually grow and change towards the final completion, dramas that cater to overseas viewers, music, etc will undergo changes and revisions. Likewise, after a period of time the course of progress for ‘Playful Kiss’ has come knocking on the doors of the overseas market. In order to capture the hearts of the overseas market, local strategies for development to suit this market is a good thing. ‘Playful Kiss’ which has more areas available for progress, much anticipation can be given.” Thus, these genuine overseas advancement for Playful Kiss have also asked for many support and attention given to it.

Meanwhile, ‘Playful Kiss’ is about to broadcast in broadcasting stations in 10 other countries.


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