Fifteen Facts You Should Know About Kim Hyun Joong ~

















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7 responses to “Fifteen Facts You Should Know About Kim Hyun Joong ~

  • Nazihah

    can you please make more facts about kim hyun joong like this? love it very much… thanks! ^^

  • pemzey

    thanks for posting this up…..really loved reading this about khj……i hope i’ll get to read more of these since khj is my biggest crush…..^___^…btw i too love apple juice and hate tomato juice…..isn’t that a coincidence….!!!…anyway thanks a bunch..!

  • multiloisa

    where did you saw this info?

  • suuswen

    lol,he describes ss501 as a lion family?!still as 4D as ever!and and he gave away his first kiss:(

  • Nanz

    I have just come to know and love (very!) Kim Hyun Joong after I’ve finished watching PK. Thanks so much for all the info about him. I’m loving him more and more! Loved the pics above too!

  • luvlexi2698

    As playing Yoon Ji Hoo on “Boys Before Flowers” he had to do some sleeping parts and he was actually ASLEEP! That is also the same with Playful Kiss

    His favorite color is black though in Korean Dramas like Boys Before Flowers he was wearing white.

    His blood type is B

    His birthday is on June 6 1986

    He was starred in shows like “Boys Before Flowers” as Yoon Ji Hoo, “Playful Kiss” as Baek Seung Jo, and he made an appearance in “Dream High” as himself. He also did a reality show called ” Thanks for waking me up!” and he was known to be the heaviest sleeper.

    When you think of all the shows you watch with him in it you see that he looks like he’s a good cook well in the year 2005 was the time that he first started to learn how to cook.

    He has an older brother named Kim Young Joong.

    When he was in High School he thought that the stuff he did there was useless so he skipped High School but because of his good ability to sing he was able to get into college another reason why he skipped High School was because he got into 3-6 fights!

    He made a band one year with his Catholic Church members but then went off to college.

    Well that is some of the things i know about Kim Hyun Joong if you would like to know more just post it on your website and fill out a comment! thanks for letting me share Good Luck with your Website!


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