I certainly believe that happiness, brought either by love or by personal achievements, is the most important and precious thing for the heart of each and every person on this planet…Therefore, first I’m going to wish my sweet and incredible Kim Kyu Jong, the whole happiness in the world! I hope he will always be surrounded by his fans’s love~ I’m sure this love will last forver and I definitely guarantee that we, your fans, will always support you and love you no matter what….~    and I really hope he will find that special someone who will fire his soul! ~She will be the luckiest girl on this planet..keke ~

I wish him many new project, achievements, albums, dramas and movies! I wish him success in each and every path he chooses for his life ~ and I really hope there will be many new roads and chances by which he will demonstrate what a great talent he has…..Also, I hope this year he will make his dream come true and will act in a drama~ I’m sure he will once again prove how amazing and versatile he is…~ ^^ After accomplishing this goal, we will wait for him on the stage, where his amazing abilities as a singer, dancer and entertainer, will once again blow our minds! I know that music is the most important thing in his life ~ I know that he loves being on stage and he certainly loves creating love by his music~ therefore I really wish him many new musical project ~ whether he will continue as a solo singer or re-unite with SS501 for an album, I know that his music will continue touching our hearts and souls  ~

Last, but not least, I would like to wish him health and strength~ I wanna see him always in great shape, ready for action, ready for sending smiles, hope and joy to us ~ Triple S ~ his supporting fans ~ Kyu, please, don’t forget to rest and take good care of yourself! And also…I hope he will always have strength with him and will pull through no matter what life is bringing on the table of his destiny! But I believe in him and I know that he will suceed and become even more incredible person!

I would like to see that gorgeous smile of his always! Because this smile has magical powers and is capable of creating love and happiness!

I wish him one amazing birthday party  ~ Spend your special day incredibly, Kyu …because you really deserve it ^^

P.s  ~ I wish he would return on the stage this year, as long with the other 4 members and show everyone why SS501 is the BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Love Ya Very very very much ❤

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2 responses to “♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM KYU JONG ♥

  • logeswari kannan

    happy birthday…………. love u ….. keep smiling ever……….. may all ur wishes cum true…..

  • 501supergirl

    Happy Kyu Joong Birthday!!!
    I wish you to possess good health, happiness and best of luck throughout your life and be success more and more.
    Our center kyu joong is handsome, gorgeous and so smart. His sweet voice can attract many fans around the world.
    Saranghae Kyu Joong ….yeongwonhi… 🙂
    I will always forever be with double S with eternal love because I’m so crazy for SS501….
    SS501 FOREVER ♥♥♥♥♥
    Our perfect kyu joong , fighting!!!!

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