Showing Warm Love for His Region with 620kg of Rice ~ Kim Kyu Jong /18.02.11/

– On 18-Feb, a truck full of rice arrived at the entrance of DeokJin-gu office, attracting attention from people.

– Kim KyuJong (from group SS501) who is currently active as a singer, donated 620kg of rice to DeokJin-gu where he was from, for the neighborhood people who are living with difficulties.

– The rice donated, which were received by Mr Kim KyuJong from his fans, were delivered to DeokJin-gu office through Dreame rice flower basket (company)

– Welfare Section Chief Kim TaeSu said “We would like to thank Mr Kim KyuJong for his warm love for his hometown, putting in action his love for neighbors, it is a great encouragement to the neighborhood people who have difficulties.”

– Neighborhood spokesperson said “In order to put in action the love for neighbors, so that giving generous donations never stops, we will work hard to constantly publicize and encourage sharing love among neighbors.”


Credits :…d=null&pno=null + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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