Park Jung Min will go to Taiwan for a long stay in May /18.02.11/

Park Jung Min will be coming to taiwan to shoot for taiwan idol drama, and will be having a long stay in taiwan, he said excitedly yesterday “hope that the crew plans on a lot of different shooting sites, so can tour the places as well”. he was on diet for his new album ‘not alone’ , but now the diet is over, he immediatly ate the desserts the taiwanese fans gave him!


JungMin admitted that he is cheerful & very loyal towards love, likes girls who are humourous


He arrived in taiwan the day before yesterday, during the interview, he expressed that he is very interested in acting, and confirmed to come to taiwan for his drama in May, has been watching Luo Zhi Xiang’s drama “love in the corner” lately to study acting skills, at the same time learning chinese, he is able to communicate with simple chinese, after taking photo, he shouted in chinese “let me see!” . he says “i dont mind kissing scenes. if i am worried about fans’ reactions, then i wont be able to act in dramas”.
He ate the food the fans gave to him.


He ate the food the fans gave to him
For the good appearance for photoshoot of the album, he worked hard and lost 12Kg, excerxising everyday, and rejecting all the delicious food, it has been hard for him. As now the diet ended, he looked at the food the fans gave and says “very thankful for the love from the fans” and begin eating immediatly. He tried pork intestines (not really sure if the trans for the food is accurate), and gave a thumb up and said in chinese “delicious!” , he also expresses that he will go and eat steam boat before leaving taiwan.

Park Jung Min’s fansign at Xi Men Ding is at 2pm today, fanmeeting is at 7pm tomorrow, there are still about 100 tickets left, please go to for more details.

Bonus :
jung min admitted that he is cheerful and very loyal towards love. he likes girls who are humourous.



Park JungMin eating fruit jelly given by fans



English translation: Zi Qi @ babyvfan (

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