Park Jung Min’s arrival in Taiwan on CTV News /17.02.11/

Newscaster: Today he came to Taiwan alone, taking the Cathay flight reaching Taoyuan airport and will be having a series of tight schedules and activities during his 6 days stay . Park Jung Min’ s hit song “NOT ALONE” is on the No.1 chart last week. Do you know, after he went solo, Park Jung Min is now the hottest and most popular male korean singer.

Voice -over: The hottest and most popular boyband SS501 member Park Jung Min has stepped onto Taiwan. The fans has been waiting at the airport for hours! Give present, give flowers, asking for autographs, making the airport very packed.

Park Jung Min is just like a boy next door with smile that mesmerise all his fans. He also has great fan service and gladly obliged some fans by giving them his autograph writing his name down on the album when they requested for it. The fans really lucky!

Park Jung Min even greeted everyone: Hello everybody, my name is Park Jung Min. Happy New Year . Thank you, I love all of you!

Lots of Hong Kong & Macau fans also purposely came down to see Park Jung Min as they will also be attending the fansign and fanmeeting on 19 & 20 Feb respectively. Heard that he has prepared a Chinese song, a chinese love song which he will be singing during the fanmeet. Park Jung Min will be opening his mouth to sing a Chinese love song, bet it will electrified all the fans.


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