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Park Jung Min’s Christmas Fanmeeting in Japan on M-Time ~

Park Jung Min’s performance + Talk ~ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate /31.01.11/

What is Park Jung Min’s goal for this year? /31.01.11/

Great aim..and great goal Park Jung Min xD…I don’t mind hugging you at all ^^…I would like to hug you forever ^^ keke…


‘Sexy charisma’ Park Jung Min, who recently made a comeback to the music scene as a solo artist, revealed his surprise goal for 2011.

On the 30th, this singer guested on SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” and provided a surprising response to the question, “What do you think your ‘charm point’ is?” The star said, ”My goal for this year is to become the number one guy you would want to hug.”

Park Jung Min then continued, “Since my title song is related to ’sexy charisma’, I was thinking ‘What is there that matched this title’ and decided to make my goal to become the number one guy you would want to hug.”

Considering his answer, MC Kim Jung Eun wittingly retorted, “I think I would have to hug you to know.” The singer accepted Kim Jung Eun’s request as the two hugged. Yet Kim Jung Eun continued to joke, “I can’t really tell with only one hug,” and the two ended up hugging a second time.

Afterwards, Park Jung Min cleverly said, “My subtitle is the guy you cannot forget after just one hug,” and caused not only Kim Jung Eun, but the audience members to laugh as well.

Source: Newsen
Credit: sweetrevenge @ Alkpop

Kim Hyun Joong ~ SINGLES Magazine Feauture /2008/




Kim Hyun Joong ~ Aloha Photobook Photo Scans

Awesome pictures, taken while SS501 were in the USA ~ remember? 2009 ~ ;p keke …The summer mood can definitely be felt while seeing Hyun Joong ❤ …keke ~he’s soo beautiful…




The Face Shop Promotion 31 Jan ~ 6 Feb 2011

Kim Hyun Joong ~ Weekly ASAHI February Issue 2011





Gorgeous, gorgeous…gorgeous leader ^^…Another incredible appearance in the pages of a magazine.<3 Ahh..I miss him so much, but I hope he’s taking a good rest ^^