Kim Hyung Jun ~ Cafe-In Press Conference /15.11.10/ [kissing scenes]



Ok…now that I feel much better I can talk properly about that thing which came to me as a lightning during a bright day…

First of all, I would like to say that it’s unclear at this moment whether these kisses were part of the scenario of the press conference or not.Or if during the press conference there was a scene from the musical performaed… I suppose that they are planned and they demonstrate the relationship their characters will develop. It’s cute and I like this idea…although there is one but here !!

As a triple S, I feel concern and I’m full with questions. The fact that an explanation wasn’t provided is killing me. I even started to think that these two are dating… But I don’t think our sweet baby will share his kisses just like that in front of people only to demonstrate that he has a girlfriend. Therefore, I think that we shouldn’t be concerned….but….Truthfully, these photos made me sad ;(( …

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