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Kim Hyun Joong focus at Persona in Seoul 2009

hehe just found those amazing videos of “Love Like This” and “A Song Calling For You” with a special focus of my lovely leader Kim Hyun Joong..
He’s soo amazing…His dancing skills are awesome…

thanks to ss501fighting ^ ^

SS501 ASIA TOUR PERSONA in different countries ^ ^




TAIWAN part 1

TAIWAN part 2


Pictures :





SS501 – Persona VCR Making Film

I’m absolutely speechless…I don’t know how to comment or write anything after watching those videos…
How on earth can such guys like them exist?…. ;x ;x
anyways….great job..again…super star 501, u’re the best !

I’ll update when I find other videos… ^ ^


Kim Hyung Joon New Message DSP Official …

Original Message:

오랜만이지요. 형준입니다

다들 어떻게 지내요. 전 개인활동도 여러모로 많이하고 즐거운 하루하루를 만들려고

노력하고있어요. 2009년의 활동모습들을 DVD로 쭉 보면서 무대에서의 모습을

벌써 상상하고 그려내고 있는 내모습이 정말 좋고 행복해요

항상 어디서 어떤모습이든 아껴주고 사랑해주는 당신들이 있어서 행복해 죽겠어요 정말.

이 따뜻한 느낌, 그리고 멋진 인생을위해서 오늘도 노력하고 또 내일도 더 노력할께요.

모두들에게 행복하고 즐거운일들만 생기길 항상 기도하고 내 자신으로써 할수있는게

어떤게 있는지도 생각한답니다. 그러니 힘들고 슬픈일이 생기더라도 속으로만 삭히지말고

긍정적으로 생각하고, 감정에 치우쳐서 너무 단호한 판단으로 행동하는건 안좋은거 같아요

아무튼 결론은~ 우리모두 행복하자는거겠지요 ^-^

앞으로도 함께해주길 항상 기도하면서 열심히 할께요! 고마워요~ Thank U 요 마이걸~

곧 멋진 앨범으로 돌아올께요~ 빠빠싱 ! ^_^ 굿밤! 쿄쿄쿄쿅

Translated :

Annyeonghashimnikka (Hello) (2010-03-27 11:22:36PM)

It’s been some time. This is Hyung Jun.

How has everyone been. I have been doing many of my individual activities very diversely, passing by each and every day joyfully

I worked hard for it. You can see our involvements in 2009 through DVDs, our performances on stage

From some time ago I already had begun imagining it, the form of performance that I managed to show to everyone is really good, this makes me happy

Whatever forms that we display to you all was always cared for and loved for no matter where it is shown at, because of the presence of all of you, it really makes me feel so happy that can die.

This heartwarming feeling, and for the sake of an amazing life that we shall live for, we will work hard for today too, and then again, we shall work harder for tomorrow.

Always pray that only enjoyable matters that will make you feel happy will happen to you, you can do it by yourself for that

Whichever it may be, whatever kind it may be, think of it that way. So similarly, if there is any matter that happened which made it hard on you, and makes you feel sad, don’t keep it inside yourself

Think of it positively, to make decisive decisions by emotions, such actions doesn’t seem very encouraged ne

Whatever it may be, the conclusion is~ All of us, we will certainly be happy ^-^

In future too, we would be together, always pray for that as well, and then, we shall work hard! Thank you yo~ Thank U yo Mai-girl (my girl)~

We would be returning with our amazing album soon~ ppappasing (emoticon-like word, to mean to say bye)! ^_^
Good night! kyokyokyokyok (laughing playfully)

Source : ^ ^

Park Jung Min modeling Seoul Fashion Week 2010

Jung MIn modeling at BON fashion show…..
amazing………… <3333333333
I'm so glad that except Baby Kim,Jung Min also took part in the show and presented himself in a new,different and incredible way…
His walk and expression are great…
Go Go .. <3333

videos + pics..

after the show…

Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong at Fashion Week Seoul…

*_* aw..I’m so happy…Baby,Kyu,Jung Min,Saeng and the leader all came to the show in Seoul ^ ^…

Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong are attending the “General idea” fashion show… ^ ^
here are some gorgeous photos of our fashionable boys…

Baby Kim Modeling at Seoul Fashion Week

^ ^ grear job Baby … u’re stunning..the walk,the looks..everything >,<

and now some photos … he's just gorgeous…we can see the confidence written on his face..Kim Hyung Joon…fighting !..and keep rocking ❤


Kim Hyung Jun – rehearsal