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2010;02;28 SS501 “Encore” focus Persona in Seoul Encore – Young Saeng ripped off his t-shirt

new videos ^_^

awww Young Saeng ripped off his t-shirt …haha <333

aand again … haha omg…he demonstrated such an amazing body ❤

New HQ photos from 28.02.2010 ^ ^

ahh just got them ^ ^

I’ll post the links …

aand the others ^ ^

1st Page – 28.02.2010 HQ Photos Persona, Encore

SS501 Jung Min new message DSP official website

ah Jung Min left a message in the official dsp website…

I found a blogger who posted it , so I’ll just re-post the translated and the korean version… ❤

Original message:

정민 : 와~~!!^^ (2010-02-28 오후 11:57:02)

이제 정말 두근두근 아시아투어가 끝이났네..^^

뭔가 시원섭섭한 기분…

해냈다..라는 기분도 있고..서운해서…

지금 눈물이 나네…^^

하지만 오늘 저녁에 안울었으니까 난 남자다운거다.

오늘 운 사람은 쪼다 꼬맹이자식들…ㅋㅋ

난 터프가이니까…ㅋㅋ

지금까지 수고해 주신…

음…또 우리 SS501의 멤버~!

그리고 또 하나의 아부지 이호연 사장님,

그리고  한분 한분의 스탭 여러분들…그리고 SSS!!

너무 감사해서 가슴이 저리네요~!!

아…이런 기분…

몰라…난 소년이니까 잘래..

털어놓고 싶지 않아~~

조금 더 어른이 되면 털어놓을래~~

그럼…굿나잇. 짜이찌엔, 오야스미나사이~잘자용~

English Translation:

Goodnight Jungmin… Have a good rest, you deserve it……

Translated ver…

The fiery fiery asia tour concert has really ended now ne.. ^^

What is this little unwillingness feeling…

We did it.. the kind of feeling is present too… and it was indeed

Now the tears have fallen down…^^

But I didn’t tear this evening (at the concert) because I am a man.

Those who cried today are little crying kids… (sarcastic kkk) keke

Because I’m a tough guy ya…keke

Up until now those who worked hard…mm…and again our SS501 members~!

again as well as the one and only father Lee Ho-yeon President,

as well as all the staff…as well as SSS!!

Really so thank you to you all right in my heart~!!

Ah…this kind of feeling…

Don’t know…because I’m a teen so I have to go to sleep..

Don’t want to be nagged at again~~

If I became a kid just a little bit more (don’t understand what he meant) will get nagged at~~

So then…Goodnight (english pronounced & written in korean), jja-yee-jji-en (zaijian, goodbye of mandarin pronounced & written in korean), o-ya-seu-mi-na-sa-i (japanese oyasuminasai pronounced & written in korean)~ sleep well (goodnight)~

Awesome Banners ^ ^

just wanted to share those amazing banners …. the collection is awesome…

SS501 “Persona in Seoul” encore concert day 2 live details

Aww….the second day of the concert also ended… ;(

The guest stars are Rainbow instead of KARA,which performed in the previous night…

mm KARA were very cute with their costumes…but still I haven’t heard their performance,because there aren’t any videos yet…

This time the security were very strict and didn’t allow the triple s fans to record videos ;( that’s sad…

I’ll post the details and later when pictures and videos come out , I’ll post them also…

[5:15pm] Opening ~ music started (TS starting screaming…haha)

[5:20pm] Deju Vu

[5:24pm] Unlock (OMG! all the screaming…)

[5:28pm] Introducing themselves ^^ first SS501, then now is one by one

Kyu Jong introduced himself as center as usual

Leader also as leader..hah

Jung Min as CEO Park again

Young Saeng should be bad boy

Hyung Jun just Hyung Jun

(my ears are hurt because of all the screaming…)

(YY’s quality is so poor today.. and the fans are so exciting with their appearance….screaming all the way)

[5:35pm] Obess begain ^^…  (OMG loveee <3)

[5:37pm] Changing clothing … fans are waiting

[5:38pm] Came back in and 4 Chance begin

[5:43pm] A song calling for you (Nicee <3)

(OMG! the signal is broken….)

[5:48pm] Hyung Jun new solo begin (TS are calling “김형준”to support him ^^)

[5:53pm] Hyung Jun second new solo begin

[5:55pm] Kyu Jong “Never let you go” solo (blue version)

[6:00pm] Kyu Jong “Wuss up” solo

[6:04pm] Again (Aww….never performed in “Persona”)

Kim Hyun Joong – Samsung Card “Why Not” ^^

I just had to share those resent commercials for Samsung with Leader Kim ❤

don’t u just adore this baby face ❤

Nighty Night ^ ^

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Press Conference “Encore”

I’m so thankful for this video…

there aren’t subs yet..but still…who needs them when you can’t take off your eyes from this pure and beautiful face ❤